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Year 1

Practical Life Courses

  • College Writing and Communications “To prepare you for success in CU and the future” 

  • Christian Ethics and Culture “ Christian Ethics for today”

  • Leadership 101 “Becoming a leader on the inside” 

  • Discovering Your Gifts “We help you see how your hard-wired gifts make you unique”

Biblical Courses

  • New Testament 101 “Part- 1 -  study of the life of Jesus and the birth of the church.

  • New Testament 102 “ Part 2 - centers more on the study of the early church and the great commission” 

  • Old Testament 101 “Part 1 - study of God’s work from creation, to the Exodus and the Old Covenant.

  • Spiritual Authority “What God-designed authority looks like and how it can help your life.” 

  • Foundations “An introduction into basic Christian beliefs:

Theological Courses

  • Systematic Theology 101 “Part of diving into what we believe as Christians and how it shapes the world around us.” 

  • World Religions “A hybrid of apologetics and a world perspectives class to gain insight into other religions and learn what makes Christianity different.

Year 2

Practical Life Courses

  • Financial Management “Knowing how to manage your finances is foundational for a successful and healthy future.  

  • Emotional and Relational Health “Learning how to create healthy boundaries is paramount for maturity and growth in every area of one’s life.  

  • Discipleship “Gain and knowledge and tools to equip you to help others and be a light in this world”

Biblical Course

  • Leadership 102 “Leadership is more than a position, learn how to be a team player, gain influence, and ultimately help others thrive.” 

  • Old Testament 102 “Finishing our study on the history of Israel  and the coming of Christ”

Theological Courses

  • Systematic Theology 102 “Finishing off the course with a greater understanding of our faith. 

  • Apologetics Gain the knowledge needed to confidently understand and express our Christian faith.

  • Hermeneutics “ Biblical study on steroids - the bible.

  • Homiletics This course teaches you how to preach step by step, and how to reach people. It deals primarily with the composition of a sermon.

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